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Youth Program in Lincoln County

RISE exists to serve the children/youth (birth to 21 years of age) and families of Lincoln County. We believe all families and all children are important and special, and therefore deserve a quality of care that may otherwise be unavailable to them. Our struggling youth programs operate with the goal of fitting your child, with all of his or her wily and individualistic qualities, with the perfect program to help them to interact with their family and friends in a more positive way. We want to have a hand in building the strong families that make Lincoln County worth calling home. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children.

What Do We Do?

RISE is a State of Colorado Collaborative Management Program located in Lincoln County. We help children/youth (birth to age 21) and their families connect to providers and other resources in which benefits their goals of success. RISE strives for collaboration amongst service providers, youth not becoming involved in the juvenile system, and stabilization in the home. It is our mission to improve the quality of life of these children and the families that love them. We are here to serve the families and, most importantly, the children. Call today to schedule a Lincoln Service Review Team (L-SRT) meeting.

Call us today! (303) 646-6778

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