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Second chance


Connections for Families is an administrator of Second Chance Tobacco , which is a web-based tobacco education program for middle school and high school aged youth who have violated the tobacco policy at their school, or have been ticketed by law enforcement. This program is interactive and self-directed, and is intended to be used as an alternative to suspension. The program may also be helpful for teens that are experimenting with tobacco, but have not necessarily violated a school's policy. Referrals for this program may come from school administrators, RISC Case Manager, law enforcement officers, and municipal court. 

sources of strength

Connections for Families and Colorado Access offer funding and oversight through the Elizabeth School District to offer this program. Sources of Strength is an evidence-based youth suicide prevention project that is designed to harness the power of peer social networks to provoke change in unhealthy norms and culture; ultimately preventing suicide, substance use, and bullying. The mission of the program is to prevent suicide by increasing help-seeking behaviors and promoting connections between peers and caring adults. Sources of Strength moves beyond a singular focus on risk factors by utilizing an "upstream" approach for suicide prevention. This approach strengthens multiple sources of support--or protective factors--around youth that they can rely on in challenging circumstances.

social-emotional group

Connections for Families funds a behavioral health specialist to provide monthly groups in local schools, targeting middle-school age youth. The program focuses on self-esteem, character building, values, resiliency, protective factors, appreciation and awareness of diversity, violence prevention, substance use prevention, gang prevention, recognizing self-defeating behaviors, anger management, peer pressure, problem solving, and stress management. This service is intended to benefit youth and help them cultivate skills to navigate life in a healthy way. 

6 Big ones

Connections for Families works in collaboration with Centennial Mental Health Center to provide this program. 6 Big Ones is a decision making group for teens 13 years of age and older. The program offers six workshops with hands-on demonstrations, videos, and interactive discussions that will discuss the 6 "Big" Areas of a teen's life: school, friends, parents, dating and sex, addictions, and self-worth. 

botvin life-skills

Connections for Families serves as an oversight for the Botvin Life Skills Program, which is facilitated by a Centennial Mental Health Prevention Specialist. It is an eight week program serving 3rd to 12th graders. The program is taught in a classroom setting, and empowers youth to be the managers of their own outcomes. Content discussed includes substance use, peer pressure, misconduct, and emotion regulation. 

Spot vision


Connections for Families, in collaboration with funding from Colorado Access, offers a Spot Vision Screener. This program allows for routine vision screens to all children that are undergoing assessment for early interventions, children who attend preschool, and children with special needs. 


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