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Individualized service support team


Connections for Families offers  facilitated Individualized Service Support Team (ISST) meetings. These meetings are intended to bridge local resources, reduce duplication of services, and coordinate a comprehensive service plan based upon the child/youth and family needs. These meetings allow the child and family to have a voice in expressing beliefs about what will be beneficial to the family's success. 

what to expect

Connections for Families will facilitate ISST meetings. Typically, a referral is made to the Program Coordinator, who will contact the family to discuss the referral, explain the process, and schedule a meeting time. The meeting is focused on the youth and their family. Please come prepared to share your needs, concerns, and wants that will benefit your child and family. These meetings may include professionals from Elbert County Department of Human Services, Centennial Mental Health Center, Juvenile Assessment Center, local school, or other community members that fit the needs of the child and family.

our philosophy

Connections for Families utilizes the Family Engagement Model, and serves the target population directly through an Individualized Service Support Team. With case planning that is aimed at resolving identified concerns as effectively and efficiently as possible, the meetings are designed to value the decision making efforts and beliefs of that family as a whole. During the meeting, all attendees will discuss the child and family's strengths, needs, and concerns. The team will create a list of potential resources and ideas that will address these areas. An Action Plan will be composed to move forward with appropriate referrals. 


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