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Here at Connections for Families in Elbert County and RISE in Lincoln County, we pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide for children that are struggling. We provide family support services to families living with children involved in more than one child-serving system or program and we tailor the appropriate programs to your individual child and family. We firmly believe that there is no better way to help families who need it than to empower them to help themselves, which is why we strive to support families by offering programs that allow families to care for their children in their own homes whenever it's possible to do so. 

What We Do

The first priority in our family care services is the family itself. Our youth programs focus on the children and their needs, and we take great care to be sure all children are given help in the form and quantity that is appropriate and necessary. At RISE and Connections for Families, we serve children and families that reside in Lincoln County. Kids who are referred to us are generally struggling with mental health, substance abuse, school, and legal issues. We aim to empower families to overcome these obstacles and forge a more positive and productive path in life.

Who We Are

Both RISE and Connections for Families are staffed by representatives from The Department of Human Services, Centennial Mental Health Center, Lincoln County Schools, 18th Judicial District, Juvenile Probation, Senate Bill 94 and other community providers. Our experienced staff can be trusted with your family's every need, and you can trust that the professionals under our employ will work tirelessly to help any family with any set of needs.

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When Connections For Families meets with youth and their families for a Service Review Team (SRT) meeting, we ask for feedback. The meeting brings together a team of community service providers and a family with one or more children involved in multiple service systems. Our objective is to help the family identify what would help them to support their child in remaining at home while working their way back to a healthy lifestyle. Our family support services are then administered.

Here are testimonials from customers past:

"I am overwhelmed but hopeful!"

" I appreciate the ideas that were brought up to my son to help plan for somethings he can get involved in this summer."

" Thank you for all your help!"

" Thank you all!"

These testimonials demonstrate the level of customer satisfaction that we aim for. 
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