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rural intervention specialized case management


The RISC Case Manager position was created by Connections for Families in collaboration with the Juvenile Assessment Center and Colorado Youth Detention Continuum, in order to fulfill community needs and barriers. The RISC Case Manager functions under different roles to meet diverse needs 


The RISC Case Manager works closely with community partners to assess and highlight the concerns and needs of families. This case manager can be an entry point for families to access helpful community resources. As a function of Connections for Families, the RISC Case Manager participates in ISST and DARB meetings and facilitates an after-school group for middle school students. When needed, the RISC Case Manager can also provide

one-on-one mentorship.


The RISC Case Manager collaborates with the  18th Judicial District Juvenile Assessment Center to provide comprehensive assessments in Elbert County, which aim to contribute to the safety of youth, families, and communities while avoiding a child's involvement in the human services or juvenile justice systems. The goal of an assessment is to connect families to supportive resources, and identify factors contributing to concerning behaviors, such as delinquency, substance use, and truancy.  The RISC Case Manager works closely with local school districts, and referrals are often made by school counselors or professionals who feel that the needs of a student are beyond the scope of what the school can offer. Referrals also come from local law enforcement, municipal court, or parents. 



The RISC Case Manager serves as a Pre-Trial Release Case Manager with the Colorado Youth Detention Continuum (CYDC) of the 18th Judicial District. This supervision is court-ordered as an alternative to detention until the time of arraignment. This role promotes safety for both youth and the community through supervision, case planning, and service recommendations. Pre-Trial Release Case Managers act on behalf of the court, ensuring that a youth complies with the conditions of their bond and expectations of Pre-Trial. 

Contact the RISC Case Manager: Jolene Funkhouser | 720-670-0038 |

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